Disater Risk Reduction

UMCOR disaster risk reduction activities

In 2008, UMCOR Armenia in collaboration with Armenian Round Table piloted a project on establishing a network among local NGOs and clergy with a goal of promoting disaster aid preparedness.  Series of trainings were conducted by the professors of Crises Management Academy.

Considering prevalence of different natural hazards on the territory of Armenia, Armenia Inter-Church Charitable Round Table Foundation, ECLOF Foundation in Armenia and UMCOR Armenia office signed an MOU about the formation of ACT Armenia Forum to amplify the impact of resources in responding to disasters.

Already in 2011 there was a joint action by UMCOR and Armenian Round Table Foundation helping the rescue staff of Ministry of Emergency Situations working in the landslide zone in the northeastern part of Armenia. In December 2012, two organizations combined their efforts and helped about 600 Syrian-Armenian refuges afflicted by the civil unrest in Syria.

In order to develop skills in this aspect, UMCOR participated at different workshops on emergency preparedness and response planning for ACT Armenia Forum and their partners, conducted by ACT Alliance staff, emergency advisors and coordinators, for responding to emergencies in a coordinated, efficient, effective and gender-sensitive way. A series of workshops was conducted on the role of mass media in emergencies, Hyogo plan of actions, public awareness as a component of disaster risk reduction, the National Disaster Observatory and gender component in Disaster Risk Reduction.

UMCOR Armenia is also a member of the DRR country team, involved in hygiene and safety cluster, coordinated by the UN Armenia office. As a DRR team member organization, UMCOR participated in and endorsed, among other organizations, the Inter-Agency Contingency Plan for Armenia.