SRP 2009

UMCOR small reconstruction activities

Since 2005, UMCOR Armenia has been successfully implementing a U.S. Department of State funded Small Reconstruction Project. The project aims at creating proper conditions in health facilities in rural areas for providing quality health care services to the population.

During 2005-2012, 13 health facilities in three regions (Armavir, Ararat, and Kotayk) were renovated. As a result of the implemented activities, targeted communities received clinics with improved sanitary conditions allowing the health facilities to comply with hygiene standards. The community’ members started receiving medical care in new, pleasant and clean environment; the attractiveness of the facilities increased number of patients’ visits.

Renovation of Shahumyan Ambulatory Clinic

While the entire civilized world had been experiencing the onslaught of technological changes, the renovation of the walk-in clinic building remained the issue “number one” in the village Shahumyan.

Shahumyan Ambulatory Clinic existed in dilapidated three-room, former shop building for over 50 years. Although the director of the facility has repeatedly applied for financial assistance to the head of the Shahumyan community and other regional authorities, all efforts were in vain. In all likelihood, the state of things would remain the same for some indefinite period of time had UMCOR not come to the aid.

UMCOR has collaborated with the clinic over many years through several projects and has involved its medical personnel in such projects as Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS, STIs, and TB (2008-2009),  Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (2005), and the Medical Commodity Distribution Project (2006-present). In July-September 2009, UMCOR undertook the renovation of the Shahumyan Ambulatory Clinic in the framework of DOS Small Reconstruction Project (2009).

Gayane Petrosyan, the smiley nurse, very vividly recollect the condition of the rooms before the renovation: “Depressing and gloomy are two words that described our Clinic. I couldn’t say it better! Covered with the huge, terrible cracks, dilapidated walls and frightfully overhanging ceiling had been filling us with fear every time, when we glanced at them. We are by no means fastidious people, but, anyway, it was impossible to sit inside without trembling for our lives and lives of patients! That is why the contribution of UMCOR was quite opportunely.”

Hasmik Manukyan, waiting for her turn to visit the physician, shared her thoughts: “Despite the unsuitable condition for a walk-in clinic before the renovation, the number of patients never reduced here. In my opinion, the popularity of the health facility stems from hard work and strong qualifications of the medical personnel serving in the clinic. In any condition, the doctors and nurses have been remaining extremely pleasing and obliging, demonstrating great zeal during their daily routine work. They fully deserve better working conditions than they had a couple months ago. And so do their patients. Observing the improvements in the clinic, I truly give sincere thanks and gratitude to UMCOR for its care and great help,” Hasmik concluded.

“The job UMCOR has done for these three months leaves an indelible impression,” Larisa Melkonyan, the ECG-nurse, said. “The interior of the clinic has undergone radical changes. The new lay-out allows us to have a waiting hall for our visitors, separate rooms for the registry, ECG examination and pediatrician consulting room. The improved environment of the clinic, elating our attitudes immensely, encourages us to carry the daily duties out with more pleasure and devotion. On behalf of all medical staff of the clinic and our community, I would like to thank UMCOR for the long-standing friendship and considerable assistance it continuously has been providing us with.”