Small Reconstruction Project

UMCOR small reconstruction activities

Since 2005, UMCOR Armenia has been successfully implementing a U.S. Department of State funded Small Reconstruction Project. The project aims at creating proper conditions in health facilities in rural areas for providing quality health care services to the population.

During 2005-2012, 13 health facilities in three regions (Armavir, Ararat, and Kotayk) were renovated. As a result of the implemented activities, targeted communities received clinics with improved sanitary conditions allowing the health facilities to comply with hygiene standards. The community’ members started receiving medical care in new, pleasant and clean environment; the attractiveness of the facilities increased number of patients’ visits.

Donor: US Department of State

Project Goal: Creating proper conditions in health facilities for providing quality health care services to the population

Project beneficiearies: Community members

Project Implementation Period Marz Village Name of Renovated Health Facility
April - June, 2005 Armavir Musaler Musaler Ambulatory Clinic
July - August, 2005 Kotayk Dzoraghbyur Dzoraghbyur Ambulatory Clinic
March - June, 2006 Armavir Bambakashat Bambakashat Ambulatory Clinic
March - June, 2006 Armavir Hoktember Hoktember Ambulatory Clinic
April - June, 2007 Armavir Shenavan Shenavan Ambulatory Clinic
April - June, 2008 Armavir Maisyan Maisyan Ambulatory Clinic
April - June, 2009 Armavir Alashkert Alashkert Ambulatory Clinic
July - September, 2009 Armavir Shahumyan Shahumyan Ambulatory Clinic
April - June, 2010 Ararat Lusarat Lusarat Ambulatory Clinic
July - September, 2010 Armavir Merdzavan Merdzavan Ambulatory Clinic
April - June, 2011 Ararat Aralez Aralez Ambulatory Clinic
July - September, 2011 Kotayk Kotayk Kotayk PHCC
July - September, 2012 Ararat Pokr Vedi Pokr Vedi PHCC
June - August, 2013 Ararat Noramarg Noramarg PHCC