SRP 2011

UMCOR small reconstruction activities

Since 2005, UMCOR Armenia has been successfully implementing a U.S. Department of State funded Small Reconstruction Project. The project aims at creating proper conditions in health facilities in rural areas for providing quality health care services to the population.

During 2005-2012, 13 health facilities in three regions (Armavir, Ararat, and Kotayk) were renovated. As a result of the implemented activities, targeted communities received clinics with improved sanitary conditions allowing the health facilities to comply with hygiene standards. The community’ members started receiving medical care in new, pleasant and clean environment; the attractiveness of the facilities increased number of patients’ visits.

Renovation of Aralez Ambulatory Clinic

Bella Soghoyan, a head of the Aralez out-patient clinic in Ararat region, for a long time had been seeking an opportunity to renovate the health facility. “The renovation was much needed not only to improve the appearance of the building but also to make the clinic a comfortable and safe place for both medical staff and patients,” Dr. Soghoyan says. “At first, we tried to make the clinic presentable by our own strength concealing broken windows behind nice curtains, covering dilapidated floors by rugs, hiding moldy walls behind posters, decorating windowsills with house plants,” she recalls. “However, a case of short circuiting that happened because of water leakage on electrical wires worried us very much and urged us to speed up the search of a trustworthy and reliable partner to renovate the clinic. UMCOR became such a partner for us!”

Having had a rich experience of successful collaboration with Aralez community in the framework of different health programs such as the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness Project, Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS, STIs, and TB Project, and the Department of State’s Medical Commodity Distribution Program, UMCOR proposed its assistance to improve conditions of the health facility and provide it with a safe, healthy and appropriate environment.

After renovation works that took place during three months, the renovated clinic is ready for patients. The villagers come and share their impressions aloud. Some of them are surprised about an incredible transformation that the clinic has undergone: “It's a 180-degree difference!” The others praise the quality of work: “A job well done!”  Many visitors come without any health problems just driven by pure curiosity to see the changes.   “It's such a joy just to come and look at our renewed clinic!”

“The improved working conditions will significantly increase efficiency of service,” Dr. Bella Soghoyan adds. “On behalf of all the community I want to convey our gratitude to DOS for funding and UMCOR for its reliability, loyalty and the active support in making our dreams to come true,” she says in conclusion.