SRP 2013

UMCOR small reconstruction activities

Since 2005, UMCOR Armenia has been successfully implementing a U.S. Department of State funded Small Reconstruction Project. The project aims at creating proper conditions in health facilities in rural areas for providing quality health care services to the population.

During 2005-2012, 13 health facilities in three regions (Armavir, Ararat, and Kotayk) were renovated. As a result of the implemented activities, targeted communities received clinics with improved sanitary conditions allowing the health facilities to comply with hygiene standards. The community’ members started receiving medical care in new, pleasant and clean environment; the attractiveness of the facilities increased number of patients’ visits.

Renovation of Noramarg Primary Health Care Center
Noramarg is one of the most vulnerable communities of Ararat Province. The community has a large number of refugees among its population. Although most of them settled in Noramarg village in 1988, their social situation remains extremely disadvantaged. The vulnerability of the community led UMCOR Armenia to target Noramarg for its programs.
A needs assessment revealed that the Noramarg Primary Health Care Center, the community’s out-patient clinic, lacked proper working conditions and there was a great need to create a new environment appropriate for a health facility. In the framework of DOS-funded 2013 Small Reconstruction Project, UMCOR Armenia, in close collaboration with the Noramarg Village Mayor’s Office, renovated the interior of a community building provided by the local authorities in order to rehouse the clinic.
The result of the project is a pleasant and clean environment, offering improved sanitary conditions allowing the health center to comply with hygiene standards. Improved working conditions enable medical staff to expand the spectrum of medical services offered to the community. Included are laboratory testing services previously made unmanageable due to the absence of appropriate space and a functional water system.
Dr. Greta Mkrtchyan, the head of the Noramarg PHCC, smiles contentedly. “Our new clinic is twice larger than the old one,” says Dr. Mkrtchyan, “Finally, everything and everyone are in their right places. There is a spacious and comfortable waiting area for the patients, separate rooms for vaccination and medical laboratory. I’ve got a light and airy consulting room, and the nurses have received a cosy and neat office, too.”
“Enhanced working conditions certainly stimulate us to serve our community’s health needs much better, with greater vigor and enthusiasm,” Dr. Mkrtchyan adds.
“For many years, we had been observing the problem,” Sargis Galstyan, the Village Mayor says. “However, without a partner and its financial support, any our initiative would be doomed to fail. We’re thankful to UMCOR Armenia that prompted us to action. Our joint efforts have made this positive change for the community. It was a successful undertaking,” Mr. Galstyan concludes with satisfaction. The improved conditions of the clinic create a safe and appropriate environment for storing medicines and medical supplies that will be delivered to the health facility in the framework of the DOS-funded 2013-2014 Medical Commodities Distribution Program.